What does death feel like?


UPDATE (9/27/12): Hey guys, I keep noticing DAILY, that people have been using search engines trying to find “What does death feel like?” and you keep landing right here, on my blog. I never expected that. What you will notice is that I am just a normal guy, I don’t really have the answers because I have never gone through it or anything, this is just speculation. I also wrote this a while ago, so I apologize if it sounds corny and written by a juvenile. Happy reading and feel free to leave a comment!

I was wondering this when I was in the bathroom this evening. What does death feel like? No one really knows. I am not talking about getting shot, or stabbed, or anything like that. I’m not even referring to natural death. I mean what does death feel like, after you’ve already passed? If you could feel, what would it be like?

Would it be painful? Would it be peaceful? It’s a mind boggling question, you have to admit. One has to wonder, if the heart has stopped, then there would be no body heat whatsoever, so does that mean you’d feel freezing? One thing I know is that whenever I have a fever, I tend to feel pretty cold, and always get under the covers. If your body temperature lowers quite a bit, is it so hard to wonder if your body gets warmer? Would you feel cold or hot, or quite possibly, nice and warm?

What if you were unconfortable? There’s nothing much you can do about that. You are paralyzed when you die, so that is out of the question. If it was peaceful, would you be worried if it was too peaceful? One has to thing that if you’re dead, every organ in your body is still. You can’t hear, see or breath. You can’t even feel your own heartbeat, or the faint rush of blood through your veins, because you sir, are dead. Would that bother you? In that much of tranquility?

I think it would be a lot like a state of awareness. At peace with the world and your life, much like I think it would be on your deathbed. I’ve always heard of old people who are at peace with their lives, willing to pass on. Never have I heard of an elder in their death bed trying to cheat death, continue living. They all want to die. Before they get to that age though, old people are mean. Just plain mean. Since they know their time is almost near, they think they can do whatever they want, cause they know they won’t get any crap for it. Anyways that is my rant, peace out.


4 thoughts on “What does death feel like?

  1. i seem to wonder all the same things. i dont wanna know bad enough to find out already though. but yea like you said its gonna come across someones mind some time or another what death really feels like. ive had people whjo has the experience tell me but idk. the bible says once you pass away your spirit automatically goes to paradise awaiting judgement day. good talk though man. lets talk more about it. email me at josh_rich00@yahoo.com

  2. that is a very good point you bring up and although you may wonder about this, the only way to know is through God. the Bible clearly states that if you believe that Christ Jesus died on the cross and repent your sins then you will go to heaven. I know i have that satisfaction when i die so i don’t think about it. I believe that once you die your spirit is still living, whether in heaven or hell is your choice, but living nonetheless. If you do have such wonderful faith in the Lord then your eternal life will be filled with never ending joy(you won’t question it either) where sorrow and sadness don’t exist. if you don’t, the bible says, that your eternald punishement will be that of fire with gnashing of teeth, crunching of bones, and wails of despair. although that sounds horrible, the worse part is eternal seperation from the one true God. That’s why i know i need Jesus’ salvation, and why i know what will happen to me when i die. You can have that assurance too

  3. Brain death begins to occur after 5-6 minutes of your heart stopping. You wouldn’t have very long to ponder how you feel. However i imagine it would be very unpleasant as your body would begin to spasm and seizure in an attempt to stay alive. You would probly shit yourself from the muscle contactions. I dont think you would notice as you would have a severely decreased level of conciousness. After you are dead you will not feel anything. Death is a sweet release into nothiness. The organic structure of your brain that held everything that you were decays to a more natural state of entropy and becomes food for something else.

    Think about it – What was it like before your dad’s sperm fertilized your mom’s egg? How did it feel? That is the answer to your question.

  4. You know a lot of people look for answers like this: one of the best replies to this question have been given by Hinduism. Hinduism states that in 1/30th of a second your body reaches your next destination according to your karma in this life. You can end up as a animal, a heavenly body, a ghost (if you felt incompleate at the time of death), or you can go to heaven (until your karma run out), and the best thing that can happen is that you end up with God (Moksha-Liberation). Then you may wonder: How do you know this is true? Well there are 8 types of Yog (Yoga) in which the 8th type if mastered you can see all these things in real. Many rishis and mystics have and even commeners have done it.

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